Twitter's New AI Venture: Elon vs. OpenAI

AI Ambitions Ignite Rivalry

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Elon Musk, never one to back down from a challenge, has reportedly purchased 100,000 GPUs for an AI project at Twitter.

Is he thinking about robots?

What's the connection?

Well, the project comes after Twitter hired two former DeepMind researchers and hints at Musk's commitment to AI, despite his criticisms of OpenAI (which he co-founded, by the way).

So, what's the plan?

Word on the street is that Twitter is working on a generative AI, potentially using their massive data trove for search functionality or to rebuild their ad biz. But, wait... wasn't Elon just calling for a pause on AI development? 🤔

Now, let's rewind...

Musk's beef with OpenAI is a bit of a soap opera. After a disagreement with fellow co-founder Sam Altman in 2018, Musk left OpenAI and stopped his billion-dollar funding commitment. OpenAI then went for-profit, partnering with Microsoft for a cool $1 billion. Fast forward to ChatGPT's public release, and Elon was not thrilled, cutting off OpenAI's access to Twitter's data firehose.

So, here we are...

Elon's diving headfirst into the AI game with Twitter, seemingly ready to take on his old organization. This story is like a Musk-ian version of a Shakespearean play: equal parts intrigue, ambition, and tech rivalry. As the drama unfolds, we'll be watching with bated breath and a bucket of popcorn. 🍿

Until next time, keep your AI game strong and your Twitter feuds stronger. Musk-have-a-great-day! 🚀

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